Meet Your Trainer

Meghan Huehn

Hi guys! 

I wanted to introduce myself so you can get to know me a little better. I help busy people create routines to achieve the fit, healthy body & strong, calm mind they desire. I do that with effective, fun classes and real community connection to keep you accountable and getting results. I love everything wellness and helping people to feel and BE their best. I believe this is needed for you to achieve your mission on this planet.  

I have a Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Health Education as well as in Life Science, if you’re not sure what that means… I studied things like biomechanics, exercise physiology, anatomy, exercise psychology, strength & conditioning etc. I nerd out on anatomy and physiology (guys our bodies are amazing!).

I am certified to teach Bikram Hot Yoga and Vinyasa Yoga, and have been teaching for the past 13 years. My passion for elevating others, and surrounding myself with awesome community led me to opening our flagship studio location Namaste North in Barrie, Ontario 8 years ago. 

I’m an ambassador at lululemon athletica and thrive on living the sweat life, a life full of sweat, connection and growth. And believe we are happiest when we are growing and giving!
I am happiest when in the mountains, on a surf board, sweating, serving others, surrounded by family, great music and great food (not all at once).

I’m so happy you are here.
And you trust us to help you on your wellness journey.
Don’t be shy, don’t be afraid. We want to know you and the big part of your success will be how you engage with the community and build habits into your life. (Because if it was just about knowledge… we would all have six packs and be millionaires).

Can’t wait to meet you!
All the very best,